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    Why choose Iwantdev?

    Iwantdev is unique in its kind. We conceive every project we start with the energy as it would be our first and with the wisdom as it would be our last.

    • Dedicated customer service.
    • Competitive rates due to Argentinian low-cost development
    • Great talents, bilingual engineers & developers.
    • Highly functional teams with dedicated QA process.
    • Agile Methodology.
  • managament


    germanGermán Wachnitz – CEO

    • 11 years software expertise within various start-ups
    • Master in Finances at Torcuato Di Tella University
    • Software Engineer at ITBA

    sebastianSebastián Cúneo – CTO

    • 13 years experience of game software development
    • Delivered applications for Electronic Arts, Vostu, etc.
    • Software Engineer degree from the UCA University
  • clients


    igs international-stands mecanse renome
  • vision

    Our Vision

    We want to develop great products with innovation and creativity while applying engineering professionalism. Our main goal and objective is to create the best software with mobile and social at its conception.

    At Iwantdev the best developers work together with creative teams to come up with the ideal solution, featuring impressive scalability , marvelous art and dazzling user experience.

  • games


    Iwantdev is proud to have a great and successful game development team.

    We offer services starting from conceptualization, passing by creation and finishing in the polishing of the end product. We specialize in HTML5 rendering technology in addition to the latest animation technology producing high quality games. game possibilities vary from small promotional games to large scale social games. All ready for mobile from day one. On the other side our back end is developed with robust java technology. We use the latest technology to assure security and performance. All our games uses this tecnology making the available for almost any platform you can think of.

  • social


    The management team is highly experienced in social gaming and application developing.

    We design the software from the start with social aspects in mind included but not limited to:

    • Social Networks Integration
    • Viralization Tools
    • Collaborative Software
  • mobile


    From the start when Iwantdev was conceived we knew mobile is something that can not be ignored now a days.

    As matter of fact it must be embraced and though from the start. With this philosophy we always propose mobile first solutions. It is fundamental requirement for us to deliver mobile solutions with unique experience, exceptional performance and high versatility. Our HTML5 team is ready to handle any complex mobile projects our clients need and come up with the best approach to building them.

  • innovation


    Innovation and creativity is a pillar of our company.

    Our team of producers always come up with ideas that help and enhance the clients product. The development team looks for the best solutions and algorithms to solve the projects involved and its challenges. Innovation lets us build scaled big projects with agile processes. Our team structure always promotes inter-specialization communication finding the best possible solution for any problem presented.


At Iwantdev we promote a fun environment with a objective based work form. Our teams have a great profile diversity providing with high versatility and superior performance. We practice monthly training curses to engage lateral thinking and get to know different aspects of the same project.

In order to achieve this, we consider essential to ensure a great work environment, training, regular feedback and agile practices.

At the beginning of each project, all team members are provided with performance goals. These are taken into account at the end of the cycle. Feedback is then provided by the project leader taking into account the members strength and weakness.

Every six months a formal evaluation of each employee is done. Areas where improvement is needed are recognized while at the same time positive feedback about the employees strength is provided.

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